The Paradise House is a concept for the development of sustainable, fire-resistant and efficient modular houses. The concept includes a modular panel system for design and construction of walls, roofs and openings. The panel types can be arranged into different configurations based on site conditions and occupant needs. The modules can be used to create anything from a small studio, a multiple bedroom house and multi-family housing units.
Custom home designs are developed through careful site analysis, planning and programming in order to maximize space efficiency and benefits of passive design strategies. 
Assemblies, openings, structural systems, detailing, mechanical and energy systems are pre-designed to provide time and cost efficiency in design. Assemblies and materials are selected and designed to provide a healthy environment and to insure ease and speed of construction
Modular panels are composed of, low-embodied energy, pre-insulated concrete. The panels are manufactured off-site and shipped as a finished product. These, along with building design strategies, create a highly fire-resistant construction to provide a protective shell from future threats of wildfire. 
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