Ecosense Designs focuses on integrating three essential pillars into all aspects of our design and planning. We use these to guide our design to improve the homes and communities that we live in as they relate to the natural environment and human physical and emotive needs. 
SUSTAINABLE We have a responsibility to design and construct buildings which respect the natural environment. Through careful selection of materials, capturing beneficial impacts of natural resources and incorporation of efficient systems we strive to create buildings which will have a neutral impact on the natural environment and its resources. As we look to the future we believe that it is critical to implement creative solutions in order to develop buildings and communities which can be sustained. We aim to identify ways to create regenerative buildings which minimize the building's footprint on our planet and its resources.
RESILIENT As climates change, and are predicted to become more volatile and extreme, it is critical to assess local conditions and corresponding use of materials, design and construction techniques that will not only withstand the impacts of the changing natural world, but create safe and comfortable spaces in which to thrive.
HOLISTIC We aspire to design spaces which improve peoples' daily lives through the spaces they inhabit. We focus on efficient space design as well as incorporation of healthy materials in order to create intentioned, sensitive and wholesome spaces.